• American Restoration Services has developed 40 proprietary cleaning products and has cleaned over 5000 properties since 1970.
  • Although most cleaning involves brick or stone ARS also has products for aluminum siding, stainless steel, painted surfaces, smoke removal, paint and graffiti removal, tar removal and all types of wood surfaces.
  • Our system is a unique spray on rinse off system that involves no damaging high-pressure equipment or harsh acids. Although chemical cleaning is a super effective process that has really been perfected over the years there are still some limitations that require us to sometimes use abrasive cleaning techniques. This is true of carbonated areas, certain type paints, epoxy coatings, etc.
  • If it is possible to restore a surface without damage ARS can get the best possible result, but home and building owners must understand that deep water stains or stains deep into the surface may be impossible to completely remove.

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